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Puppy Kororo Game Review

The new Nintendo DS game, Pet Kororo, is a fantastic example of a fantastic touchscreen game. It uses bunnies as the key subject, and has a entertaining touch-screen user interface. The game needs you to rotate your bunnies to the mother panel, whilst avoiding collisions with other bunnies. The objective is normally ps2 games android to get all of the bunnies in your collection before time runs out.

The game is mostly a puzzle video game similar to the well-liked puzzle games Bejeweled and PuzzleQuest, but with attractive animals instead of gemstones. The thing is to match up identical animals or pet. The game includes a touch screen user interface and a fair amount of animation. It also has an assault mode that limits the volume of time this takes to entire each level.

The game is not hard to learn and straightforward to play. When you are served a hand of up to nine plastic cards and will have to match the coloured icons on the note cards to create the correct mix. The goal of the game is to collect as many complementing pairs as you can and acquire a higher score at the same time.

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